Stag Lodge Stables FAQs

Is there a minimum or maximum rider age?
Yes, there is. You must be three years old or over, but there is no maximum age.

Is there minimum or maximum rider weight or height?
There is no minimum, but the maximum weight is 14st/90Kg.

Can my child go straight into group lessons or does she/he need an assesment first?
We will need to see your child ride first before they can join the Group waiting list.

I’m an experienced rider. Can I go out on a solo hack?
All riders must go out with an Instructor for insurance purposes.

I’m an experienced rider but my friend isn’t. Can we go out together?
Yes, definitely! Your friend will be attached to an Instructor by a lead rein and you will ride at your beginner friend’s pace.

Can I choose my horse and/or instructor?
You can certainly request a specific Instructor or horse, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee their availability.

What do I need to wear?
You will always need to wear comfortable trousers (not jeans), a riding hat and boots with a small heel.

Do I need my own hat and boots?
We strongly recommend that you have your own (we sell hats, boots and jodhpurs), but we can of course lend you a hat and boots for a small fee (£1).

Do you still ride when it’s raining?

Is there car parking at both Stag Lodge sites?
Yes. At Stag Lodge there is free parking in the Robin Hood Gate car park in Richmond Park and at Stag Lodge 2 there is free parking right outside the gate in Robin Hood Way.

Do I need an assesment before I join a group hack?
Yes, you will need to have a Private Hack first. This is for your own safety.

Do I need an assesment before jumping or dressage lessons?
During the first part of your lesson the Instructor will assess you for suitability and we will then take it from there.

How long are private and group lessons?
Usually one hour, but we can do longer lessons by request.

What happens if I need to cancel?
We need 48 hours notice for a weekend lesson and 24 hours notice for a mid-week lesson or we will have to charge the full amount for the lesson.

How about if I need to rearrange a lesson or hack?
We are sorry, but the above rules apply.

What are your opening times?
8am to 6pm, Tuesday to Sunday. We do sometimes stay open later in the summer months.

Are Private Lessons one-to-one?

I’m a complete beginner – can you help me learn to ride?
Yes – we do it all the time.

Is there a maximum number of riders in group lessons?
There are usually no more than six riders to one Instructor.

Do you offer gift vouchers or special offers?
Yes – please contact us for details.

Do you sell riding equipment?
Yes – we have a small selection of boots, jodhpurs and hats.

Do you offer any BHS training?
Yes, we do. Please see the BHS Courses page.

I have my own horse – do you offer livery?
Not at the moment, but this is something we intend to offer in the near future.

Do you offer horsebox hire?
Not at the moment, but this is something we intend to offer in the near future.

Do you do shows?
Yes, all the time.

Can I go hacking on my own?
Sorry, you will always need an Instructor with you.

Can I gallop in the Park?
No! It is against the Park by-laws.

How many horses have you got?
We have around 60 to 70 ponies and horses over both sites.

Do you have an indoor waiting area?
Yes, at both sites.

Do you offer refreshments?

Can I watch my child’s lesson?

Can I photograph my child’s or friend’s lesson?

Do you have any job vacancies or opportunities to volunteer?
All the time. Please see our Jobs & Volunteering page or contact us.

How much does riding cost, and how do I pay?
Please see our Prices page for all up-to-date costs. You can pay by cash, cheque or credit card.

Do you offer Pony Camp weeks?
Yes – please see our Pony Week Courses page.

Do you offer Pony Club courses?
Yes we do. We are a Pony Club Centre, one of the largest in the south of England. Please see our Pony Club page.

Are your sites easy to find? How do I get there?
We are very easy to find. We have clear instructions on this website on how to get to both of our sites. We strongly recommend you read these before you enter our postcode into your SatNav.

How early do I need to arrive for a lesson?
15 minutes.

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