A musical 5 days for the Stag Lodge girls!

Last Wednesday the Stag Lodge girls were invited to the launch party of Hollie Cook‘s new album. Hollie learned to ride at Stag Lodge and  our girls had a lovely time meeting Hollie and the band. Good luck with the album Hollie!

photoAs well as hobnobbing with the band the girls had a whale of a time with Hollie’s dad Paul Cook, the Sex Pistol. Paul is a childhood friend of Richard and they are still pretty close after 40 years!

photo1The girls also found time to meet Mikey Craig of Culture Club (another great mate of Richard’s). Unfortunately the Stag Lodge paparazzi managed to cut Boy George out of the picture.

photo2Finally a musical legend came to Stag Lodge in Richmond Park, Mica Paris bought her children along to ride and a great time was had by all.


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